31 May, 00:05 -   75

Blue Whale Corpse Washes Ashore Northern California, Mammal Likely Died of Ship Collision

Dead blue whale washed ashore Agate Beach has 10 broken ribs and 10 fractured vertebrae near the tail and mid-body.

 29 May, 19:56 -   75

A Third of US Bee Colony Died Last Year, Here's Why It Is Still Good News

Experts still considered a third of the population of bee colonies as a good news. This is because this number is the lowest in the last seven years.

 26 May, 21:34 -   82

New Species of Bus-Sized Marine Reptile Fossil Unearthed in Russia, Believed to Be From 'Age of Dinosaurs'

A new bus-sized fossil marine reptile was discovered in Russia. Researchers believe it is one of the biggest and most notorious predators at sea.

 24 May, 20:18 -   82

'Winged Serpent' Discovered in 5-Million-Year-Old Sinkhole

This strange ancient snake is one of many bones unearthed from the infamous Gray Fossil Site.

 29 May, 19:56 -   75

Scientists Unlock a Key Cognitive Ability of Monkeys

Finding a brain network in monkeys dedicated to social interaction, scientists may be on the way to learning more about the origins of human social cognition.

 25 May, 17:25 -   88

The Reason Behind the Blue Whale's Enormous Size

Hint: climate change plays a part in it, as well.

 23 May, 23:11 -   81

Eating Beans Instead of Beef Could Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Americans could help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by eating legumes instead of beef.