'Winged Serpent' Discovered in 5-Million-Year-Old Sinkhole

This strange ancient snake is one of many bones unearthed from the infamous Gray Fossil Site.

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The 7 highest-paid CEOs in the US last year were all in the media business — here they are

You can make a ton of money in the media business, especially if you're a CEO. That's the main takeaway from a new study by the AP and executive data firm Equilar, which charted CEO pay in 2016. The top seven CEOs on the list were involved in media:

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Tom Cruise says 'Top Gun 2' is 'definitely happening' and coming sooner than you think

After years of rumors about a potential sequel to the 1986 blockbuster, Tom Cruise has confirmed that there will be a "Top Gun 2." And it sounds like you won't even have to wait all that long. While on the Australian morning show "Sunrise" to promot