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Taylor Caniff's Galaxy Lamborghini Más

Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia commissioned a car covered in diamond Swarovski crystals for $48 million dollars



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Solar Powered Dancing Flip Flap Car Home Dancer Bobble Toy Pink Fish

Breast Cancer awareness

I NEED this car like a fish needs water.

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Nicki Minaj ruined her $400,000 Lamborghini by painting it pink: Let's start by saying that this, er, creative expression is not to raise money for breast cancer awareness, or any other moral cause. No, Nicki Minaj painted her $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador pink because it's, like, totally blazin', or something.

Crystal Mercedes-Benz | ... Mercedes-Benz SL600, Luxury Crystal Benz, studded with 300,000

The #Lamborghini Murcielago finished with pink Swarovski crystals on the whole body.

psychedelic paint job, bruh

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Elvis Presley - Washing The Famous Pink Cadillac He Bought For His Mother Gladys.

dog crate fan...Pet Accessories - This would be amazing for summer time and keeping your dog cool. // Ooo, yes!! :D Our crate is more open than this one, but, still fans are great! We should get her one. Maybe a bigger one for at home, and then something like this for travel. :D

Hot pink. Hot car

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