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How To Use Essential Oil Roller Bottles with Recipes. Essential oils work great when applied topically with roll ons plus carrier oil. Save this recipe guide and get rolling!!

Essential Oil Recipe For The Flu

Essential Oils for Flu & Colds: Cough, Sinus Infection, Congestion & Stuffy Nose

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Everything you need to know to make aromatherapy roll-ons at home, plus 10 essential oil blends for all sorts of ailments.

doTERRA Essential Oils: Bergamot

Aromatherapy is simply amazing. Aside from just smelling good, there are actually numerous therapeutic benefits that it has to offer. Depending on what kind of scent you choose, different essential oils can either help you relax after a long day or give you that extra boost and perk you up in the morning.  Essential oils can …

How to Make a Reed Diffuser with Essential Oils -- reed diffusers are easy and inexpensive to make, you can customize them to your décor, they make great gifts, and they're perfect for places where it's not convenient to plug in a diffuser (like bathrooms)

Kid tested and approved, check out these fun Essential Oil diffuser blends for Kids. 6 blends created with essential oils diffuser safe for babies. blends created for use in a diffuser for kids room. YL # 3177383

NEW! Essential Oils Usage Cards. These are great for handing out at events or just on your everyday adventures.  4

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DIY Headache Helper Roll-On - Get rid of headaches fast with this simple formula made with essential oils!

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Essential Oils Usage Cards; these are great for handing out at events or just on your everyday adventures. 4" in x 9" Full high resolution color, doubled sided glossy handout cards! The cards are prin

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Diffuser blend for flu and colds on Barefoot In Blue Jeans: Purify With Young Living Essential Oils

Check out 8 essential oil diffuser blends for colds in this article! Having a cold sucks! But thankfully, home remedies like essential oils can improve your cold and make it disappear faster! Colds are common viral infections. They affect the upper respiratory system including the throat, nose, larynx and sinuses. Symptoms of Colds Below are …