"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." -Elie Wiesel

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Article 3. Created shortly after WWII. It was written by many representatives from different backgrounds and cultures. It was the first time, human rights were legally protected and translated into nearly 500 languages.

Hvorfor vi stadig skal kæmpe for kvinders frihed i alle verdens lande.

Art by through and check out her whole shop. It is awesome!

Luba Lukova

Inspiration 2 : Labels are for clothes not for human


Eva luna

Invisible Identities and College Activism

I want to find where I can purchase this for my office. Any ideas?

Nothing about us, without us, is for us - slogan of South African disability and youth activists / poster by Ricardo Levins Morales

Derechos humanos por BLADE111 en Etsy

Human Rights Poster - Erica Halse Portfolio - The Loop. Love this visual of Embrace the Difference of humans.

Social justice high five!

I see humans, but no humanity | Anonymous ART of Revolution

GMO I <3 Obama BUT he Needs To Stand Up To This, But I Understand, See My Pin About Monsanto Paid People ON BOTH SIDES TO PROTECT THEIR AZZES!!! & With This Tea Party Putting Crises After Crises Into The Spotlight We NEVER Hear About GMO'S!!!!

You know... what if Thalia starts sleepwalking? Right to the edge of a cliff...<< pfft i love the way you that..."you know..."

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