Official White House Photographer Pete Souza Reveals His Favourite Photos Of Obama // I'm going to miss Pete Souza.

I don't know how she or any woman can bring themselves to sleep with this slob

Things that make you go...hmmmmmmmm Goes to show it's not about truth, honor, integrity, holding the line.....clearly this something else.

He don't either....asshole

This Wealthy Man Loses His Son In Battle But No One Expected Him To Do This.

Stop Double Standards! Liberation and choice and equality for all of us! #transrights

"FOR REAL!!!!!!!! Some people only like the rules that benefit them.... Sorry to burst your bubble but this isn't a one way street anymore..... Official White House Photographer Pete Souza Reveals His Favourite Photos Of Obama

I'm CTHU! I know Obama is too. Although not a funny situation...but u can't help it.

Sounds Legit /what the fuck, Fox News Obama is the real Obama lol

Republicans love to blame others and our 45th Pres blames the press for using Facts and not alternative facts.

Robyn Resists (@Robyn_Resists) | Twitter

Too late. Now we have a real mess! Can't wait for the time that Trump's "2nd amendment folks" figure out they have been butt fucked by Trump and the republicants. When are the ladies going to have enough of this shit? WAKE UP!

The south will rise again!...And do what exactly? Replace the American flag with your confederate flag? Take up arms against the USA? Kill other Americans? Break up the United States of America? Because you love America soooo much. What do you think that flag stood for?

'Gender Equality'<<< no. This isn’t right. And most people know that. Go to almost any random feminism page and ask about gender equality. They will most likely tell you that even if the rulings aren’t in your favour, it’s still equal. If they say women are superior to men they are misandrists.

"Devoted vs. Opressed" Yay double standards! #feminism #religion