''The Four Stages of the INFJ Door Slam'' source: INFJ Refuge


We are the INFJs that are scattered throughout this planet in search of destinies. We are rare and we are weird. But most of all, we are the only genuine souls left in a world of fake ones. Meeting one of us is a once in a lifetime opportunity; not because we think we're special, but because once you meet us, you'll see the special aspect that makes us different from the rest.

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Confession 6 This one is my worst it destroys me, my mind and thoughts turn to paranoia and insecurity and i destroy myself mentally going over and over until i try to make sense or a decission from it

INFJ...Yes! Now I know how to explain this about myself. I also procrastinate when I know I'm going to be all perfectionist about it, and the sheer amount of time that will take.

Where has this been the last 6 months of my life?

How you treat animals

INFJ - I don't know if this is true, considering I can't see my face when I talk lol.

INFJ... Endless forgiveness until suddenly, door slam. No- no door slam for me, just a quiet disappearance.

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Best INFJ self-description I have read so far (blog

This sums up how to deal with me in a nutshell. Most people who know me well enough do this stuff without any questions....,others as less helpful

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INFJ - Confession 9.--Not always though, if I react I'll have a response, but it won't be pretty.

i am open minded and learn from every single thing and person. i love this quality about me so much.