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The relation between hours of sleep needed and age.

Tips for a good night's sleep. Sufficient sleep helps you maintain your physical and mental health.

Interesting: "... It seems that all you really need to survive and feel rested is the REM phase, which is only a tiny portion of your actual sleep phases at night . . . There are five methods for polyphasic sleep that all focus on many 20-minute naps throughout the day and possibly a couple hours of core sleep at night."

Infographic: How To Take The Perfect Daytime Nap -

forget high schoolers how bout just anyone over the age of 14?!

Napping is an incredible way to boost our health and productivity. Among its many benefits, science has shown that it can enhance our mood, performance, memory and creativity. However, not all naps are created equal. To help you get the most out of your nap (and avoid that unpleasant groggy feeling), Art of Wellbeing has created this 7 step infographic.

The beauty in birthstones

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need Per Night

Doing these 21 things and you can have an amazing sleep

It's not you, it's what's inside you.

Essential Steps To psychology sleep and dreams...#sleep #dreams

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After a final exam... - The Meta Picture