The National Enquirer is literally fake news

Piece of shits who actually believed republicans would make anything great...liar... liaaaaars

Donald Trump's popularity in the Republican polls isn't a fluke, it is the culmination of years of...

they don't feel that rules or laws apply to them-- nepotism, emolument, constitution

For sure! I hope they the relatives that voted for trump plan on helping pay their mom and grandma's medical expenses when trump dumps Medicare and social security!!!

George Washington: I cannot tell a lie. Nixon: I cannot tell the truth. Trump: I cannot tell the difference.

There is a difference. Everytime an apathetic voter says there is no difference between the parties, one can point to their voting record on any of the numerous bills to support veterans, teachers, unions, minimum wage, women's rights issues, gun control, healthcare...the list is endless. There is a difference. Don't let apathy blind you to that fact.

President Obama did not divide the country

I would honestly like to thank Donald Trump. He has done a great job of exposing the racism that we're constantly told, doesn't exist.

One man can't go against science, common sense, decency, truth, facts and the entire world. It's up to us as Americans now to step up. #Resist #Insist #Persist #Enlist #EPA #nationalpark #climatechange #globalwarming #notmypresident #ImSillWithHer #imwithher #parisagreement #parisaccord

Time Magazin'es "Man of the Year," isn't an act of praise. It's the person that they believe has had the greatest impact (positive or negative) in the world in a given year. This is not proof that TIme Magazine or the MM isn't reliable.

For Real. Before it's too late.


A REAL American...their culture, their language, their religion, their land...before it was stolen. The white race, the REAL "illegals" here. Too many people seem to forget that.

17 Tips To ACTUALLY Listen When Someone Else Is Talking

"PRICE is what You PAY, VALUE is what You GET.."

Why don't Republicans defend this? Why haven't they been asked to explain this?

Just refer to this chart, if any questions.

Trump! Anything goes with him. Imagine anyone else ever getting away with this $h!t! …

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