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Hottest Eye Makeup Looks - Makeup Trends

This week's eye tutorial is a smokey cat eye! I'll post a full face picture later. Thanks to @kjellholmes for requesting an eye with the @urbandecaycosmetics Naked 2 palette. Remember that if you're feeling uninspired with a certain palette, you can always ask me to take a crack at it. And if you post a recreation, tag me. I love seeing them! 1. Blend Tease to the outer half of the crease and blend out, following the shape of the crease. 2. With an angled brush, apply Blackout along the upper la


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LOVE this perfect smokey eye with a pop of gold! Not to mention the well-defined brow frames the look ♡Mwah Xoxo, Sazza♡

Get ready for your plushest lashes yet


Wat is jouw oogkleur en hoe kun je hem versterken?

Simple, yet beautiful

Hottest Eye Makeup Looks - Makeup Trends

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