I weep for my country

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To The People!

I’m a gun owner and reasonable restrictions on guns, their purchase, transport and change of hands is simply common sense.


Liberal Mindset #Compassion

Hmmm, wonder why? Could it be that they"ve been redistributing Wealth upwards???

Be aware. At any moment there will be a new battle in the "War on Christmas" breaking out. Be aware. At any moment those tricky Muslim types are going to try to open a recreation center in some city. Be aware. In some state in which public money has been allocated to go to private [...]Continue reading...

+ JMJ  + Nashville is my new home as of June 23, 2015. I prayed and felt God calling me here--starting late May of 2014. It was an ...

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I will never "get over" my parents teachings of good & decent American values. If you can, your parents didn't do such a good job, did they?

Be a patriot. Stand against all enemies whether foreign or DOMESTIC! Hello....this means the current administration.


It's a weird world where I agree with Bill Maher, but this is incredibly accurate.

More math

This is very true for many. To bad there were enough of us that voted. Maybe next time we all can vote. I was there standing in line where were you?