family games for a family night!

This is a very cute summer lawn game idea! /explore/diy/ /explore/summer/

Caterpillar Race....Have your kids form teams (At least two) and form a straight line. In between each player is a balloon and they must get to the finish line without dropping their balloon. They can only keep their balloons from dropping by using their chest and the other players back. If a balloon drops, then the team must stop and pick it back up.

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These 10 Minute to Win It games were perfect for all ages – challenging enough for older children, but easy enough for everyone to join in the fun! Hysterical silly fun for everyone!

These hilarious birthday party games are great for teens and even for toddlers! Play them outdoor in the summer or indoor in the winter for one funny party! You could even try them with your tweens or for adults at a 50th birthday party. I can’t wait to t

This would such a fun summer evening activity.

Love this couples game night idea- the date night challenges look so fun!

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Marshmallow Shooters…oh the possibilities!!!

Cup Head and other Minute to Win It Games

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How's is Hanging..tie a banana to a string around your waist..knock it into the orange to move orange across room

Balloon Boppers | 12 Rainy Day Crafts for Kids | Simple And Fun Projects For Kids, Perfect For Indoor Activity! by DIY Ready at

Great 11 Year Old Party Idea: The Amazing Race Birthday Party! - MomOf6

Family Game Night: Minute to Win It One Minute Challenges - This would be so fun to do with friends over!

This game comes with a warning.  You will laugh.  Hard.  There are a couple moments in this game that still live on in my family.  We call this the “name” game.  But I think we need to come up with a more creative name. Like “The Game Where My Husband Forever Became Buzz Lightyear” or  “The Game Where …

The Anniversary Game from Let's Get Together

Our friends had us over for a SUPER fun Minute to Win It game night! Have you ever done minute to win it games? I thought they were only for kids, but oh my goodness, we had so much fun! My friends…