Have you ever heard of Dr. Warburg? Dr. Otto Warburg, the Nobel Prize winner, has been found the real cause of cancer so long time ago. In fact, oxygen insufficiency is the major reason for the dev…

Heal your body with these Kitchen Healers...

How to Correctly Make Alkaline Water to Help your Body Absorb Nutrients More Quickly and Other Benefits

The levels of sugar, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood must be stable, and the pH or the balance between acid and alkaline of [...]

Gout is an inflammatory joint disease which is characterized by sudden, severe attack of the pain, redness, swelling and tenderness in joints,

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Are you drinking enough water? MOST of us aren't. The health benefits of drinking water are fantastic, and we have nothing to lose by giving it a shot!

Pernicious anaemia, b12 deficiency hey, could the list be any longer! I wonder…

Coffee enemas are popular in the natural health community. This article takes a critical, science-based look at the use of coffee enemas for health.:

Acidifying vs Alkalizing

Eating too many carbohydrates isn’t the only cause of diabetes. Here are four risk factors of type 2 diabetes that you might not know much about.

Health Benefits of Ginger. Learn about the healing qualities of alkaline rich Kangen Water; it's antioxidant loaded, hydrogen rich, ionized water that neutralizes free radicals that cause oxidative stress which can lead to disease such as cancer. Many med

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

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30 Best Benefits and Uses Of Cucumber For Skin, Hair and Health

Preventing inflammation in your body can be simple when you follow an anti-inflammatory diet. There are bundles of foods that cause inflammation, and cutting back on them will improve your overall health. Chronic inflammation can lead to worrisome health problems, such as heart disease, acne, and even cancer, so being aware of the foods that cause inflammation is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Check out the top 15 inflammatory foods to avoid in your diet and why!