Boys can look hella fine in makeup. Either way, anyone is probably better at makeup than me.

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Amazing how much misogyny exists in normal everyday acts. I have said this to my daughter and granddaughters, not realizing how limiting those phrases are.

Just stop the 'Not All Men' argument already. And same goes for 'Not All X', really. The fact that there are some X that behave like decent human-beings (X being 'men', 'women', 'christian/other religion', 'white', 'heterosexual', etc) DOESN'T MEAN that there aren't a (fair) number of X that behave in an unfair, discriminating way. Activists are not here to give medals to the "good guys" or acclaim their behaviour like it's so admirable, they're here to point out what's wrong with any X group.

right?? Didn't their parents ever teach them that line, "If the person you're teasing isn't laughing, it's not called funny. It's called mean." The person who decides whether your attention is acceptable is the person you're giving it to.

Putting it on this board because I don't have any other ones for it to go on…

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Ce que c'est le féminisme VS ce que la société pense qu'est le féminisme.


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Silly me (though, FYI, not all girls have vaginas. Support your sisters, not just cis-ters).

finally someone said it. Just cause I like these doesn't make me a 'white girl'. I'm caucasian yes, I'm a girl yes. Nbd

There is a girl version of "Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them," it is called the bible.

Feminist is not a dirty word: 36 amazing images that perfectly illustrate what feminism is

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Cuando los hombres son oprimidos, es una tragedia. Cuando las mujeres son oprimidas, ES TRADICIÓN.

Tu l'as violée parce que ses vêtement t'ont provoqué? Je peux te casser la figure parce que ta stupidité est une provocation pour moi !!!!!