Third eye chakra meditation

Yoga & Meditation Features - What is Om? | A Detailed Explanation of OM ... See more @gr8traveltips

Blue Mountain Mala make amazing mala beads for meditation and yoga Namaste

What Is A Hamsa? (Infographic)

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May I live like the lotus, at ease in the muddy water.

Life is short, do the things you love, stay in love with Mary Jane, dont let anyone stop you from living!

I checked: real quote.

Chakras, a wheel of energy that is located in 7 places in your body Here is a reference guide for you to understand where they are and what tthey resonant with. Please enlarge to view.

Who are you surrounded by? Are they helping you recover or encouraging you to do your best to refine your life to change your experience of #Chiari #Malformation?

Huh... So there is an actual meaning behind "Om". I learn something new everyday! Ommmmmm.....

we are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole. #goodtoknow

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Yoga For Every Body: 4 Ways To Make Every Yoga Class More Inclusive - See more at:

"Namaste"... One word with such a beautiful meaning.

1.This is a diagram of the "ohm" symbol, used in Hindu meditation. 2.It represents various ideas about what warship and meditation should be. 3.Honestly the symbol just seems to hold great significance.

I become stronger and more aligned after every storm of my life. My inner peace stays no matter what I may be experiencing. I totally love life.

Buddha quote. Tattoo idea. love this #buddhaquotes #Buddha # quotes

What does a butterfly mean to you?