The Shady Bunch #TrumpAdmin

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I have seen other women look at Trump, just like this, including his wife at his inauguration!

Started with Regan and it's gone out of control since then. Both Dems and Repubs. But the Republicans are suppose to be the party of fiscal responsibility?

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Trump: liar in chief

I'd were a flea collar if I thought they would go away

Everyone knows politicians aren't exactly known for their honesty, but Donald Trump doesn't just bend the truth, he bends reality itself, and insults the intelligence of the American people by asking us to suspend disbelief and allow him to rewrite history, deny scientific evidence, and accept innuendo and conspiracy theories as facts.

I'm 53 & currently have employer insurance, but if Trump has his way I'll be priced out of it by the time I retire.

Trump represents nothing but his own ignorance and he is such disrespect for the American people and for the whole World

Donald Trump avoided going to Vietnam with medical deferment for "bone spurs on his heels". Yet, he was active in college sports, playing baseball, tennis and squash. Typical Republican: He'll send YOUR kids to war, but HE gets a free pass!

So great to see his priorities are in the right place

It's a YUGE miracle!

BLOTUS Trump Biggest Liar of the United States

Ready, Set, Karma!

Par for the course...

OK ~ so it's NOT a Fact...But you know it's true, you just do.

But he SAYS he cares, and that's enough for his worshippers. They just ignore what he actually does. It's almost like Trump lies or something.