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Essential Oil Sprays Recipe Guide. Whether you are a DIYer or not, making essential oils sprays is super simple. You only need a few items and the process takes a few minutes.

If you suffer from anxiety and the awful side effects of anxiety medication, then I have another option for you! This Young Living essential oil recipe has allowed me to get off anxiety medication and I feel so much better! I have successfully been off anxiety medication for five months and counting. Essential oils have truly changed my life and they can for you too!

NEW! Essential Oils Usage Cards. These are great for handing out at events or just on your everyday adventures.  4

How to make the Best Essential Oil Sleep Recipes with easy to follow tutorials. Beat insomnia naturally.

10 diffuser blends using the oils in your Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

8 BEST essential oils to help you get to sleep and stay asleep! lifestyle blog » Your best resource for weekly encouragement, inspiration, essential oil basics and healthy living blog.

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Geranium Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Skin Care EssentialOoils for Dummmies: 10 essential oils for beginners- great tips for people starting out with essential oils! essential oils DoTERRA lavender peppermint lemon melaleuca tee tree oil oregano frankincense clary sage lemongrass eucalyptus helichrysum

Young Living Premium Starter Kit Roller Bottle Blends. DIY. Lavender. Lemon. Peppermint. Frankincense. Copaiba. Panaway. Thieves. Purification. R.C. DiGize. Stress Away. 11 Essential Oils, 1 Diffuser, 2 Packs NingXia Red, Sample Oils, Sample Bottles, and More.

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25 Day Essential Oil Challenge – Support a Healthy Lifestyle. This challenge is for people looking for ways to easily incorporate oils into their everyday lives. Quick and simple tips to increase wellness through the use of EOs. Perfect if you have the Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

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Essential Oils Usage Cards; these are great for handing out at events or just on your everyday adventures. 4" in x 9" Full high resolution color, doubled sided glossy handout cards! The cards are prin