English vocabulary. Some useful words to add variety to your daily English at work and with friends. Share if you love it.

Mindfulness and Anxiety

Grow your vocabulary in English and learn these synonyms for the word "good."

Caution: False Cognates Skinny Poster Spanish, Posters: Teacher's Discovery

English slang - abbreviations often used in text messages, online and in emails

Do you have some good news to share in English? Use these expressions to sound more natural. Visit the lesson and be sure to watch the video for a useful pronunciation tip!

Other ways to say: I’m tired

200 Ways to Say Went ...or in other words, use the correct past tense verb :-)


Love your English idioms! Grow your vocabulary, understand native English speakers, and sound natural in English when you use idioms in your English conversations! To be or to feel as cool as a cucumber means to feel calm or completely relaxed. Learn more at

Business English. Using language and key expressions for giving bad news in a professional, caring way. Get the full lesson here:

Collective Nouns For Groups Of Animals

Looking for the right words to encourage your friends or colleagues in English? Use one of these common expressions!

In love with an English speaker? Get your Valentine's Day English vocabulary ready with these useful expressions.

English idioms

Estilo indirecto en inglés | Nep English School

Boost your English vocabulary with these common expressions. Perfect to use the next time your friend is stressing out or the kids in your classroom are being rowdy.

Collocations MAKE versus DO #learnenglish