Boys can look hella fine in makeup. Either way, anyone is probably better at makeup than me.

Truth. An we don't care if they like our outfits or hair either.

So tired of having to explain this. Feminism is not about hating men. How many times must we say it? This is a lie spread by the right, and it silences the voice of women.


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Oh, I'm sorry, i didn't realize my vagina came with terms & conditions

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Malala Yousafzai, champion of education for girls and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. "No vull ser la noia a qui van disparar, sinó la que lluita pel dret a l'educació universal" "no espereu que ningú més ho faci, feu-ho per vosaltres mateixos". "Cal que estem units. Si estic sola no puc fer res, però si esteu amb mi, ho podem aconseguir tot".

The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone.

faibleroitelet: Hooray for inspiration, incredible wonderful women everywhere! Also, you can totally tell how terrible I am at photoshop…

14 Celebrity Quotes on Women and Equality | Her Campus

That women should never be judge on their choice of dress. No matter their age, size or culture. Women should be free to express themselves in any form and receive just as much respect as the men of the world.

Tread carefully.

Respect Other People's Rights & Freedoms. It's not gender dependent! #Feminism #Equality #Genderism

Feminism is not misandry

Beauty is every skin tone, race, creed and color because beauty originates in the heart. "Man looks on the outward appearance -- God looks on the heart."

Are you sure you didn't really want him to hit you with that spade?

violaciones Las violaciones las causan violadores, ni la ropa que llevas, ni las borracheras, ni las supuestas provocaciones via Gable #Lumpenazi (@missGable_.

Being smart is sexy..

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