An historian has penned an article asking why so many conservative “loudmouth” TV hosts are Irish and concludes they are barely Irish at all.

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Viola davis julius tennon to executive produce special about effecting change at u.s. high schools

Trailer de #Cegonhas mostra de onde vêm os bebês >>

CINÉMA - Le studio Marvel a dévoilé mardi 28 octobre une nouvelle déferlante de grosses productions de super-héros pour les cinq prochaines années, avec notamment pour la première fois un héros ...

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Bill O’Reilly’s humiliating bust: Does Fox News have guts to suspend its own serial exaggerator?

On Monday’s show, Mr. O’Reilly played CBS News footage from 1982 that showed violent protests and quoted correspondents describing the scene, but former colleagues said his account was still flawed.

Matt Damon responded on Tuesday to claims that Harvey Weinstein asked him to help kill a New York Times story about Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment that was allegedly in the works mo…

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Samantha Bee's ratings at Full Frontal are double what the Daily Show's are post-Jon Stewart.

On Christmas Day, I fulfilled my duty as an American consumer and took the family to see the new "Star Wars" movie. The excursion solved a mystery: Why do so many of the reviews, even the enthusiastic ones, carry an undertone of disappointment? 

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Bill O’Reilly admits McKinney cop brutalized teens — but he says ‘anti-police zealots’ made kids act unruly

Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly poses on the set of his show "The O'Reilly Factor" in New York March 17, 2015.

Ex-Fox host tells CNN: Olbermann was right all along — Fox is a ‘cult’ and O’Reilly is a liar