“Give me some attention please!"

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Really cool shot of a duckling!

Marmoset by In Cherl Kim: The pygmy marmoset eats insects, nectar, fruit and tree gum which it obtains by gnawing a hole in the bark of the tree and lapping up the sap which puddles up. #Pygmy_Marmoset

Just a year in the life of a red panda? Eating, sleeping, playing, breeding, taking care of cubs in the summer, keeping warm in the winter...

Baby Lion <3

All baby animals are generally adorable, but some seem to be extra cute — like, for instance, baby monkeys.

This Baby Sloth Will Remind You To Never Give Up - I never realized just how cute these guys can be!

Just the cutest little guy ever....full grown

Footprint Monkey and Fingerprint Palm Tree - Fun Handprint Art

omg thumbs monkey tooo cute

Cultive sonhos grandes e preocupações pequenas.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose Little Darlings Baby Monkey by Sharon Montrose Photographic Print Size:

common white tuft marmoset monkey

El tití pigmeo es uno de los primates más pequeños del mundo, y es el más pequeño verdadero mono, con una longitud cabeza-cuerpo que van desde 117 hasta 152 milímetros (4,6 a 6,0 pulgadas) y una cola de 172 a 229 milímetros (6,8 a 9,0 pulgadas) .

A Finger Monkey #cute



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Awesome portrait of Frida and a tiny