I would love to say this to one of my 18 yr olds just to put him in his place. But somehow I know their response would put me in mine.


Never insult me like that again. Better that you keep your mouth closed. I gave up my children as a sacrifice for my love for you! Or did you forget that!! Never ever say I didnt love you again!

Funny how the people who start with "I hate drama" will follow it up with "she's crazy, one time". Shup up Bug be-gone

People who reply to my sarcasm with sarcasm are my favorite. -

I want to freaking tell people this

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.that's the truth! I always tell Michael that! "Do they think I'm that simple?!" that truly is offensive LIARS

lol...and I've got my bat and security system locked and loaded...there's only one person that I want to change my status and she can't...and it's not you...not you, definitely not you...ahhh....yes, you...the brunette in the bright shirt that lights up the room..let's go to a park and watch a kid try his hardest to shoot a basket and laugh at his attempts..we're going to hell for this, but it's hilarious. (the ONLY post about you in here)

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When people tell me they're "spiritual" I'm like "Demons are spirits too... be more specific."

I say that in my head to people all the time

2 types of people

(Good) Morning People #goodmorning #mondaymotivation

some people...every fluffin' time i see them, too

A good insult for plastic people. @rebelcircus #rebelcircus #funny #meme…

This also applies to weed, people. More is always good!!!!

Throw lamps at people who need to lighten themselves. Hahahaha


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It can be hard not to blame ourselves for the things that go wrong or the ways we're let down.

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