Our suggestion is to pick one tip and write it down in your journal. Read it everyday and start practicing it in your career every single day.

What Handwriting Says About Your Personality - Business Insider

As I was wandering around the web today working on some posts to help y’all set goals for 2014, I came across this infographic. (click the image to go to Mary Ellen Tribby’s site and download it yourself) I LOVE IT! If you dream it, you can achieve it…you just have to have a plan!... Read More »

Okay, this is cool. But also way too much work. I'll probably just continue to take unscientific naps...

10 Success Habits That Set Ultra Successful People Apart

Everybody is busy. It doesn’t matter who you are, most likely you have a lot going on. However, lack of time cannot be an excuse to stop (or never start) practicing your creativity on a daily basis. Finding a creative outlet that fulfills you and inspires you is too important to not pursue. It can … … Continue reading →

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How To Keep Your Creativity Flowing: Reminders From A Californian [#Infographic]

Create habits that last the test of time. Doing change the right way. | Personal development | Self improvement | Self Help

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Master your Brain Power 2, Brain power can be increased through the foods you eat or the amount of sleep you get

from Unstuck: Creativity Tip Sheet. Downloadable and printable. Great for artists!!

Stop procrastinating with these self help, self improvement and personal development tips to help you achieve more from life

Your complete go-to list when you need help finding a self-care practice to…

Our memory is left a bit unused, and your mind becomes too lazy to try to remember things. Here are seven fun ways to improve your memory.

Foster your creativity

Knowledge Vs Experience. Knowledge shows us stuff. Experience teaches us stuff and helps us connect all the dots :)