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artofmanliness: (via Cognitive biases that affect decisions - Business Insider) Know your cognitive biases.

Myers Brigs: major areas of study -- Hey, look! My interest areas are actually included on this one!!

ISTP/INTP -- appropriate! haha -- cc

INTJ Infographic: All About the Mastermind Personality Type

DISC: A useful model for a) understanding your own behavior (not personality) and b) adjusting your behavior to the preferences of another person. I use this frequently in coaching and training to match the behavioral preference of my clients. This graphic gives a detailed description of the POSSIBLE manifestations of each DISC behavior.

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A chart with jobs listed for each Myers Briggs Type

Best Jobs For Personality Infographic; Myers-Briggs personality types

Infographic: How To Motivate Employees With Different Personality Types -

Myers-Briggs popular career choices listed by personality type

52 Of The World's Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions, Debunked

See best careers for your personality type.

Conscious Health and Healing: Feelings & Emotions

Who Are You? These Personality Infographics Will Help You Find out ...

Does your personality type predict your career destiny?

learn about your personality

Personality and self assessment tests are always a good exercise to run through when needing a personal boost.

Does your career match your personality? According to this, I need to be a…