Always the fear that my favorites will be next!

Khalessi!- In reality this is my face every time she makes an appearance on the show.

Game of Thrones Characters: In the Books vs. On the Show Part 3

This is a know...the one calling the kettle black.

George Washington: I cannot tell a lie. Nixon: I cannot tell the truth. Trump: I cannot tell the difference.

So SAD but TRUE, unfortunately!!!!!

Supports the troops so much he did not want to steal the limelight.

If only he wasn't a Russian spy.... he would still be an unmitigated ass

Trump knows very well how "Not to be a President" #TrumpIsAMoron

Game of Thrones Pick-up Lines - Imgur

TrumPutin family values

So perfect. I'm glad I still have the ability to laugh in spite of the insanity. Let's get that filthy, disgusting animal off the post. Oh, and will someone please take the poor turtle down?

Oke give it back to the Indians and leave to whatever country your forefathers came from. Period, case closed .

Why would those that have so much deprive those with so little?

I feel better now. He's such a stupid man. I have never and will never refer to him as President. A jerk yes.

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