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I know you have a lot of pain Tommy... Use those teeth, grab ahold and keep your eyes opened...

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A beautiful letter to your daughter(s)

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Are you bossing or leading your council or committee?

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Time for motivational quotes by He is a source of motivation for…

I will never give up.

Did Leonardo DiCaprio really say this? I like it! #WordsToLiveBy #LeonardoDiCaprio #WhyWorry

75+ Best Of Leonardo Dicaprio Inspirational Quotes

So true

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I AM that which you choose. Desire. Allow your soul to yearn for the depth that lays within and experience the world from inside out. From a place of pure divine love and consciousness. To learn how we are doing and being it, head over to

You are amazing!!! Remember that!!!

What are the feelings that a woman feels? Well this is probably the most complex question of this millennium. And I think quotes about women are the easiest way to answer this question. A woman plays many roles in her life, and this is probably a well-known fact. She is a caring sister, a nurturing …