So, you don't want to get Vince Fostered?

she won the popular vote so she also won twice but u know

Liberalism is a mental disease


Bernie Sanders has to be one of the most racially accepting presidential candidates ever. Bernie pushes for equality and wants to end racism and was even arrested for being a civil rights activist

Sen. Bernie Sanders. Vanishing middle class. Income inequality. Income disparities. Politics

"For 30 years, I've been standing up for workers of this country, and I think I'm the only candidate who is prepared to take on the billionaire class, which now controls our economy and increasingly controls the political life in this country. WE NEED A POLITICAL REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY." --Bernie Sanders

The FBI found PROOF that she DID receive and Share Classified Emails w/people who didn't have a classified Clearance. HILLARY IS AGOOD A LIAR as her husband who was IMPEACHED for LYING UNDER OATH!


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Cartoon: Hillary Clinton Hall O’ Fame

Hillary Clinton

Did you fail English Grammer? You do realize that Everyone is inclusive it means you, me and everyone else? You might have had another short circuit without realizing what you just said, of course, your paid followers clapped for middle class income having a tax increase,,,,oops another mistake. What else are we going to get with this goofess?

Bernie Sanders held his son during a meeting in 1971 with colleagues from The Vermont Freeman in Burlington, Vt. Credit Frank Kochman

Bernie Sanders for President? Why Not. -- NYMag

"When we reject science, we become the laughingstock of the world." --Senator Bernie Sanders ********* Go ahead and get on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon lol ... You will finally be doing something right with your life***** lol now be gone....