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Past present future

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Teaching Spanish w/ Comprehensible Input: Beginning Activities for Past Tense. Great to use to retell a story...break story down into 4 parts using the main structures you used in the story you created in class. (or read?) Then students answer the questions for themselves. Then project answers to discuss stories.

good academic writing – it’s about revision not editing | patter. Though my book(s) will not be "academic," the message here is an important one: plan to revise. Don't expect perfection on draft one. A lesson learned on my two theses and my dissertation (and pretty much every other major writing I've done).

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This will help your english pronounciation.

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The Ultimate Visual Guide to English Prepositions Part 2/2: Time

English Grammar solution: Structure of All Tense, Structure of the Tense.

English Grammar solution: Structure of All Tense, Structure of the Tense.

I struggle immensely with getting the plot down. This website is an awesome resource for outlining and understanding the elements of the plot.