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Cause reading is FUNDAMENTAL! - 9GAG The book reading challenge!!

Will you accept the challenge?

The Ultimate 2018 Book Reading Challenge! This looks like fun! Can’t wait to get started! ❤️

Make 2016 the year you push all those worries aside. Take our challenge and try a new method to calm your nerves every day for 21 days. By the end, think about which activities and exercises most effectively helped you to harness your anxiety.

The Girly Geek Book Blog: The 2015 Bookish Bingo Challenge || I'M DOING THIS

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The internet can give you hundreds of reasons to drink water. We all know that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. But here’s the sad truth. We never do it. That’s why I encourage you to take this challenge and get yourself well hydrated.

Whether you want to transport yourself to a distant country or learn something new about a time period, this challenge will make you grow both as a reader and as a person. This challenge is particularly great because we aren't providing you with specific books, just different kinds of books you can try to read.

2016 Reading Challenge (For Kids!)-this is *perfect* way to get your children to read more this year! It's like a scavenger hunt and book program in one. Find the types, read them and check them off. No specific books required, so you can get everything from the library. Free printable, too!

2018 Reading List

Change it to 2016 reading challenge come on guys we CAN do it

Stretch yourself this winter and broaden your “book” horizons by completing our book challenge! Let us know if you plan to join us and what books will make your list!

16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

Mach mit bei der Lesechallenge von LovelyBooks: unserer Themen-Challenge! Reading Challenge, Book Challenge, 2017, Books Reading Challenge

POP Sugar Reading Challenge 2018

stxrybooks: You can download the printable here and I’d love to know what you guys end up reading so tag your progress with #stxrybooksreadingchallenge!

The 2017 Reading Challenge

Get a head start on your New Year's resolution to read more books with our 2015 reading challenge!