some good ol' fatherly advice lol

Hahaha oh boy absolutely what I would do

presumptions, presumptions.

Funny text convo

Jokes Track: Want Some Updog For Dinner???

I feel this way sometimes. My kids=obsessed with me ;) Ok, I love it!

Lol what the heck XD

Error Number

Any part that has guy is supposed to be Girl. Thanks QUOTE: I have 5 fingers for a reason: My pinky finger for my best friend, and the promises I will never break. My ring finger for that special boy, when the time is right. My middle finger for that bitch who pushes me too far. My pointer finger to pick out my dearest family members. My thumb to show the rest of the world I'm going to be okay.


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And this is how it began!

Here are some funny text messages from Mittens, the iPhone-using cat.

LOL: Mom Thinks She Found Daughter’s Drugs

sorry for the swear word, but my husband laughed so hard at this that I had to repin

Josie | I don't think Caleb likes me. | I think he does. | How would you know? | Look at the name

"I wasn't that drunk"...biggest. lie. ever.

Probably will do this. lol