I always loved the little babies!

This Lizard Is Ridiculously Photogenic! Gorgeousness

earthlynation: Green Tree Python. Source - earth

Adorable moment baby chameleon hatches and changes colour #DailyMail

Stop doing this to Chameleons! It may look damn hilarious, but chameleons are particularly easily stressed out. It's not wanting to pop bubbles, it's wanting out. Please, stop making your lizards do weird things. It can hurt them in ways you may not have expected.


Tartarughe Ninja: il prequel

Here's a hedgehog and it's babies. Enjoy. - Imgur

Veiled chameleon

Babychamäleons (Wilhelma) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Newborn chameleons...

Baby Veiled Chameleon's growth over 6 weeks! Ask us about how we set up our babies - you can set yours up the same way and see the same healthy, robust growth in your babies!

fatbabe4alwayz: deebott: mice-teeth: highsmilin: When bae leaves for work this lizard is prettier than I am Omg lil babe momweed

Smallest Chameleon Discovered on the rainforest floor of Nosy Be Island off the north-west coast of Madagascar, the tiny dwarf chameleon (Brookesia minima) is the smallest of the chamaeleonidae family. Some can be as small as 0.5-inch (1.2 cm) in length. via [wiki]

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Whoever says reptiles aren't cute is out of their mind. Case in point: This tiny chameleon hatchling who thinks it's still inside an egg!

Purple & Blue Chameleon

Napoleon was this small when i brought him home, i miss the big guy...

This Baby Sloth Will Remind You To Never Give Up - I never realized just how cute these guys can be!

A Veiled Chameleon ~ With Dragonfly Atop His Head! (Photo By: Tantoyensen on 500px.)