He don't either....asshole

Hey Republicans! Where are your values? supporting Moore and Trump "SEXUAL PREDATORS"

Another dipshit Hollywood liberal, if trump was making a movie this fool would have his nose so far up his ass he couldn't get out without a crowbar.....

Trump hired everyone in the swamp, so in a sense he kept his word to his unconscious followers.

President Obama did not divide the country

Let that sink in ...Russian picked. Russian hacked. Russian hijacked. Not my vote. Not my president.

#Resist Totally brilliant. Where can I get such a shirt.

Lol Extremely Accurate Obama Stupid Hypocritical Racist Conservatives Never mind the numerous months of job and economic growth Obama was responsible for. Im sure thats just more fake news.

America as described by Trump vs. American as described as Obama America is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you our strength, our greatness does NOT depend on Donald Trump.

Yes, yes. All of these suddenly "patriotic" people who care nothing about the oppressed people in this country not to mention how they blatantly ignore WHY these players are kneeling.

Dimwitted Donnie leads the world in one category

So this is your future First Lady. Who will pay for her body lifts? Melanie Trump Vs Michelle Obama. Melania Trump’s speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention should be held accountable after portions mirrored remarks First Lady Michelle Obama delivered in 2008.

"What would happen if Russia infiltrated the highes levels of the US government?"