What Do Your Feet Say About You?

I'm all geek until it comes to the music and movies. Then a little hipster creeps in and makes me hate myself a bit lol

women in STEM

The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

What Are 72 Ways To Think Visually? #infographic Funders and Founders by Anna Vital I look 4Ward to your feedback. Keep Digging for Worms! DR4WARD enjoys helping connect students and pros to learn about all forms of communication and creativity. He talks about, creates, and curates content on: Digital, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media, Journalism, Higher Ed, Innovation, Creativity, and Design. Curated global resources can be found here: https://www.rebelmouse.c...

A recipe for success....

Infographic: Famous Late Bloomers Who Succeeded Despite Their Age -

I love this story about nine women who kept the business of doing good to others a secret for three decades.

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too late to learn - late bloomers-people who succeeded infographic

Global Carbon Footprint Ranked by Nationality #Sustainability #Infographic

Honey Bees

How Einstein started #infographic

I learnt something from this graphic but it's still that emotional response that amazes me. Time after time.

How Oil Is Formed #Infographic #Industries

クラシック用語 レクイエム for or of something

How Long Do Animals Live? infographic by Otto Neurath (30s)

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope snapped a view of what may be the youngest galaxy ever seen. This "late bloomer" may not have begun active star formation until about 13 billion years after the Big Bang. Called I Zwicky 18 [below, left], the galaxy may be as young as 500 million years old. This youngster has gone though several sudden bursts of star formation — the first only some 500 million years ago and the latest only 4 million years ago.

Is This Thing On?, revised edition: A Computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming - Now updated and revised, the person-friendliest, most reassuring, jargon-free, smartest, and most comprehensive nuts-and-bolts guide for seniors, who’re the quickest-growing demographic among social networks. Learn More Here:

Poor spellers often try to memorize a spelling as if it were an arbitrary letter string. Arbitrary strings are terribly hard to remember – think how long it takes to learn a phone number and then imagine trying to learn 88,500 phone numbers, the estimated number of words in printed school English.