When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart, that is consciousness.

It does not matter ones Beliefs, their Form or how they live, or the Color of there skin. Whether they have Fur, or live in the Seas, or even the Bugs. We are all One and we all Thrive on a Living Planet Called Gaia. She breathes and is a Sentient Being just like all are. We all Breath the Same Air and it does not matter where you are. We are One and Always Will Be. We are all Energetic Beings of Oneness. Namaste. <3 -Mary Long-


Dalai Lama

If you wish yo experience peace, provide peace to another...

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compassion & tolerance

I feel that in the U.S. we have, in many ways, forgotten to educate our children's tender hearts.



lovingly - an adverb as in how to behave

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A great reminder from an amazing being...

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Even if you don't believe in Buddha, these words still ring true