This is the racist bigot who's now advising Trump after he got fired from FOX for sexual harassment.

Kentucky-I cannot believe this is who you want to represent. This guy is real P.O.S. .

You are NOT a Christian. Stop acting like a fool. Prayer is for the person praying. It helps people feel they are doing something to solve a problem. I'm livid that you actually say prayer in school can prevent anything. God = omnipotence and WE ordered him out of schools? God kills innocent children to pay us back for not giving him enough attention. You have a really small God dude.

NC republicans. Seems someones letting the power the PEOPLE GAVE to him get to his ego.

Rick Wiles, Asshole of the Day for August 8, 2014 by TheDailyEdge (Follow @TheDailyEdge) O.M.G. It’s getting harder and harder to sati...

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Wow. She out-dumbs herself each and every time. Would love to see her IQ test. #palin

From HM twitter feed, January 2016

Hypocrisy at its finest

"Satan's Candy Sacks" sounds like an awesome band name. No way Bachman could have such a stroke of genius--this is a quote from a satire site like "The Onion."

Vile racist both Ann coulter is a trump supporter

Actually should read I am a politician..any politician, I pretend to care but don't until it affects me or mine or my bank account...

For the Ann Coulter quote, go here: And for Glen Beck's quote, go here: