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Drinking water challenge (lose weight in 10 days)

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10 Warning Signs that your Body is Lacking Water Without water, we can’t even imagine our daily activities. Hence it is essential to maintain the body and mind well hydrated by drinking water, fluids and other foods rich in water content. #lackingWater #bodyWater #warningsignwater


For generations, the powers of essential oils have been utilized to promote good health and happiness. Essential oils can be used in many ways such as to alleviate stress, to provide relief from illnesses, and to improve sleep. Lavender and peppermint are among the most popular of the essential oil family, as their soothing scents and health benefits promote overall well-being. Find out which essential oil is right for you and harness the full power of nature.

The Ultimate Guide To Essential Oils: There are 94 essential oils, each with their own list of benefits and uses. Use this infographic to learn how to apply them, use them in your skin care, for hair growth, weight loss, sleep and women's health. Read the full article here: #essentialoils

This is practically everything I eat. I'd die of starvation before the 21 days are done

Use this chart below to help you know if you're drinking enough liquids throughout the day.

All Natural OLIVE LEAF Herbal Tincture for Energy Healthy Blood Pressure Cardiovascular & Immune Support

Eating too many carbohydrates isn’t the only cause of diabetes. Here are four risk factors of type 2 diabetes that you might not know much about.

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The humble, crunchy #cucumber is a wonderful vegetable to beat the scorching ...

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important skin care tips for black women you shouldn't miss. >>

Valerian root is helpful for treating insomnia and anxiety.

Magnesium Benefits - I was having horrible issues after my surgery and cancer recovery, at first we thought they were related to thyroid function but all my tests were getting better, though my symptoms were not. After many blood test for all kinds of things, it turns out I have a magnesium deficiency. It took quite a few weeks to get my levels back up but once they were, most of my problems were relieved; most of all my muscle aches, exhaustion and restless sleep. On the up and up. :) ~Leah