A friend told me the other day that she just didn't like Obama making all those Executive Orders. I asked which ones in particular were so offensive. She didn't actually know what any of them were but she just didn't like him doing it. People who don't think shouldn't vote.

You just might be a Ham.

I live in Oregon. I didn't know anyone that wanted them here. #istandwithstandingrock

I guess both the Tea Baggers and the GOP are full of racists, and think THAT'S ok.

Certainly that's no religion or book I'd follow. But then no religion is!!:,, shot gun, self defense, home defense, guns, rifle, country girls, second amendment, 2nd amendment, gun rights


No explanation other than racist Republicans refused to acknowledge a black President.

Nestle is one of the single worst corporations regarding social responsibility and human rights. ASSHOLES.

Trump is nothing but a fraud! Please help those of us sane people who support Hillary Clinton to give Trump the defeat that he and America deserves! #VoteBlueAlways #ClintonKaine2016

The REAL Benghazi scandal....poooor GOP. This is all they have, and it isn't even accurate. I never hear them complaining about faulty CIA info.

And yet idiots keep saying they can't wait to have a "real" First Lady in the White House again. Really? An ex stripper compared to Michelle? Get a clue.

Dirty Harry - we love all his Dirty Harry movies! Love the big gun. lol

Nerf storage. Even though my boys are all grown I still could use this for the arsenal they left behind...