Play dough stress balls How cool are these! Hope from Apple A Day:

The perfect yoga series for work-related stress relief

Stress psychology

Stress is at the heart of and a leading factor in many chronic diseases, medical conditions, accidents, mental and emotional disorders and disturbances. Yoga has been studied for its beneficial effects on stress and anxiety. 13 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief [Infographic]

A woman’s body works very differently than a man’s body. It’s obvious than women go through a lot more hormonal changes than a man; in such a situation how does stress affect the entire bodily functions of a women? Read this interesting piece on women and stress. Infographic by – EmpowHER

Tips for managing #stress won't work until you know the symptoms of stress. Do you? #stressmanagement

This has great reminders and references to multiple stressors common in everyone's lives.

Our bodies can know we're stressed before our minds. Pay attention to what your body may be saying to you.

"The Chill Pill" a stress relief blend using essential oils to help you combat stress and uplift your mood.

13 Easy-To-Do Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

15 Yoga Poses To Ease Stress fitness workout stress exercise yoga diy workout home exercise home workout workout routine full body

Great for stress relief at work! The buttocks stretch is perfect for tight hips/sitting all day.

20 Effects Of Stress On The Body=> #stress:

Soothing Routines to Crush Stress

65 Common Signs & Symptoms of Stress - Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, and Behavioral

8 Stress Relief Essential Oils Infographic Emotional and mental stress can be especially damaging to your body's immune system, leading to diseases. Learn about the top 8 Stress Relief Essential Oils.

Yoga may seem intimidating if you have never done it before. When many people think of yoga, they think of gurus bending into seemingly impossible positions. However, you don’t have to be as flexible as Gumby to try yoga. Anyone can benefit from the stress relief, and improved physical fitness that yoga offers. Give these 3 yoga poses for beginners a try, and you will be well on your way to saying “om” in no time. #yoga

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