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Thought Ruts: Change your Habit of Perspective - Transforming Negative Thoughts though Yoga and meditation - What's getting in your way?:

What Type of Procrastinator are you? #infographic #Procrastination #Habits…

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Great information about teaching emotional intelligence. Not all kids come to school in control of themselves and need help with this. This provides an explanation behind certain actions and reactions.

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Addiction vs Habit: Recognizing the Dangers — Infographic When Do Habits Become Addictions? See The Video About Generations Being Affected

March is Brainhealth Awareness Month and we\\u2019re proud to partner with the Center for BrainHealth as we really believe an organized life means a sharp mind. What do you do to keep your brain healthy?

Do you suffer from SAD? (Seasonal (Winter) Deficit Disorder). Serotonin levels are likely to be low. Try these simple ways to boost motivation & serotonin levels.

Eat for a healthy brain.

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#INFOgraphic > Control Bad Habits: Habits are difficult to avoid forming. Routine is just human nature at work! Sometimes we develop bad habits that can become detrimental to our health and are tough to kick. This graphic gets down to the inward mechanism of habit to addiction formation and suggests practices that help us curb... >

Our memory is left a bit unused, and your mind becomes too lazy to try to remember things. Here are seven fun ways to improve your memory.

Infographic created for class. I researched the effects that music has on the brain. I wanted to highlight that every lobe is active when listening to music.I wanted to establish a style that is both elegant and structured in order to mesh the topics of…

А вы задавались вопросом: как у нашего мозга получается хранить знания, навыки и воспоминания, начиная с первой пятёрки в школе и заканчивая сложной профессиональной терминологией на иностранном языке? Нам стало интересно, поэтому мы перевели инфографику с английского языка, рассказывающую, как это происходит.

Mindfulness and Anxiety

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Infographic: Eight Ways To Improve Brain Power -

The Human Brain, Its Structures And Their Functions Infographic

5 of the Best Brain Food

Infographic: Eight Ways To Improve Brain Power -

working out is not just physical, but also mental. we are just one workout away from improving our mood!

A diet built for better brain health - Meet the MIND diet | via @ParkviewHealth…